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Finally, A Lipbalm We All Have Been Dreaming About

We were looking for a lipbalm that could actually solve the issues of hydration, pigmentation , nourishment without using any of the harmful chemicals. We couldn't find one, so we decided to make one.

F.A.L is a lipcare brand dedicated to innovate and provide advanced lip care products made from world class organic ingredients

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This lip balm has very mild beetroot smell to it. I use it as lip pigment treatment. I apply it 2-3 times a day and for sure while sleeping. If you apply it at night, you can still feel it on your lips next morning. It is non-stickey, non-greasy formula and feels like butter on lips.


Using for over a week now. So far loving it. Light texture, smells like Beetroot. Not sure about the pigmentation right now. Better than the laneige lip sleeping mask according to me.


It's a very good lip balm. I've been using it for 4 days now. Feels good, moisturize lips upto 6hrs. Doesn't feels sticky, doesn't have any artificial color.


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